1V1 Tackle Grid

category: Tackling

Rugby 1v1 Tackle Grid Tackling Small playing area, for 1 v 1 tackling. Players line up in two lines adjacent to the coned area. Coach shouts go and t...

1V1 Clap Tackle - Warm Up

category: zTackling

Rugby 1v1 Clap Tackle - Warm up zTackling Groups of 2. Everyone find some space. Stand opposite your partner. One of the players (attacker) use footw...

1 Vs 1 Colour Cones

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby 1 vs 1 colour cones Agility & Running Skills 4 players are required for this drill; 1 attacker, 2 defenders and 1 scrum half. Once the defender...

Tackling Technique Chop

category: Tackling

Description. The aim of the drill is to develop low tackle technique from both sides, Left and Right. Coaching points. The tackler focuses on getting...

Community Drills

Warm Up

1vs1 Tackling -Sight Target & Follow-Face Up-Feet Alive-Drive-Wrap-Power Drive



2 - 1vs1 tackling

We can change the position or the entrance in the channel to simplify it for the attack or the defence