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How do you get the shooters to pass

How do you get the shooters to passI have a 9 year old team and the shooter will not pass the ball and thinks that scoring the goals is important instead of playing as a team and getting closer to circle.

Debbie Cross Coach, Australia

I am coaching 9 and 10 year old girls who have played?

I am coaching 9 and 10 year old girls who have played little or no netball to date. Am I best to rotate their positions so they can experience them all or keep them in the same place for a while until they get used to it?

Archived User Coach

I have just started coaching an under 11 team and don't?

I have just started coaching an under 11 team and don't quite know where to start. I have a some girls who have never and others who started last year. I have limited time before each game to do training. Does anyone have some suggestions on where I should start? There seems to be so many things they need to learn and not enough time to teach them.

Sandy Taylor Coach, Australia

Hi i am new to teaching and im teaching netball to?

Hi i am new to teaching and im teaching netball to year 5. I have never taught this in my life! Please Help! Do you have to teach the full game or do can you play in mini teams eg 4 groups of 6 without using bibs and positiions. I only have 4 weeks to teach it and they are still practising passing and catching skills, can anyone help please?

Archived User Coach

coaching basics?

i'm new in netball as a school team coach. i dont have coaching manual, how do i coach basics?

Archived User Coach


My GD was do face marking in a game and doing a fantastic job at blocking the GA entering the circle and not being able to shake her off, the umpire for the other team repeatedly called her for intimidation.To me it did not appear to be intimidation and the player herself umpires and sees this in many of the high level games. She is not pushing, no arms are used in fact it is the other players pushing into her. Is this intimidation I thought that was a pretty tough call. What constitutes as intimidation?

Archived User Coach

How to improve goalers movement in the ring?

i coach an under 15s team and my gaolers are struggling to move in the ring. They seem only make straight leads and do not get in front. Are there any drills or advice to help my gaolers move efficiently in the ring?

Jenn Westmorland Coach, Australia

Fitness for Year 7s? To train or not to train?

My girls are doing exceptionally well in their grade and i am very proud, however i am wondering if i should work on fitness with them or not? Help?

Nicole Coach, New Zealand

Defending A Shooter who Splits before shooting

I am not sure how to teach my girls how to defend a shooter who catches a pass with the splits and then sets up to shoot. Can anyone assist. Girls are aged 15 & 16yrsthanks

Diane Meeres Coach, Australia

Getting Rebounds in Netball

Is there a session plan for the above, if not can you make some suggestions

Yvonne Blunt Coach, England

Shooting options on tall goal defenders

How can GS and GA help each other in circle when defenders are tall, intimidating and high contact (ie putting hand on ball when setting up to shoot, putting hand over face). Can GA stand between GS and GK to give GS a clearer shot?

DYC Netball Coach, Australia

Obstruction in the Circle

Tonight we played a team where the GD stood right in front of the GS or GA. He had his back to the shooter(with the ball), he didn't put up an arm but he stood so close (without touching) that the shooter couldn't get any leverage with her shot. If the shooter stepped back he shuffled with her. The umpires didn't pull it up at all. Is this allowed or do they have to be three feet away? Any feedback would be much appreciated, I would just like to know if this is allowed or is it obstruction? Thanks

Lizzie Walsh Coach, New Zealand

I am a shooter and I have a tall opponent

I am a shooter and I have a tall opponent defending me when I shoot, what other techniques can i use if I have a problem getting the ball into the goal

Archived User Coach

What to ask students about defending after a session in netball?

I am planning a Netball session focused on defending for my BTEC. What questions could i ask them about defending?

Shannon Hills Coach, England

Is holding a player with the ball in the ring allowed?

Can the GD/GK stand close behind - within 3 feet of - the GS/GA while they are shooting and so effectively prevent them from stepping back to a more comfortable position (e.g. when they are directly under the ring)? If not, which rule prevents this?

Emma Gardner Coach, Germany

Rules help...obstructing defence of the shot?

if the GK or GD are defending a shot, can the other non shooting attacking player get between her and the shooter after her arms are up. I know they can block her getting 90cm if they are quick but what about after she is set can they get in middle to make her have to reach over them or has she claimed the space between once her arms are up?

Jo baker Coach, England

Defending tall goal shooter | ...

How can I teach my players to defend against a very tall goal shooter?

Lilly Moore Coach, Australia

Defending the shot when a shoo...

When a shooter lands and then steps in to shoot, lifting grounded foot, do GK/GD have to have already been 3ft from grounded foot, or can you come in after the 'step in' and defend the shot, as long as you're 3ft from the grounded foot?? I think I'm allowed to come in later but kept getting pulled up for it tonight. I'm sure having to be there first with hands up before said step in, is an old rule...

Archived User Coach

Defending a shooter who steps ...

I need some clarification please. In the goal circle if GS steps in towards the goal post and lifts her grounded foot, where does the defender defend from if the shooter stepped in before the defender lifted her arms? Is the 3ft from where her grounded foot was or where she stepped in to?

Archived User Coach

Defending A Shooter who Splits...

I am not sure how to teach my girls how to defend a shooter who catches a pass with the splits and then sets up to shoot. Can anyone assist. Girls are aged 15 & 16yrsthanks

Diane Meeres Coach, Australia
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