Drill Categories

Passing Drills

Using the passing drills and videos below your player will learn to accurately execute one and two hand passing - including the chest, bounce, shoulde...


Pass And Run - In Front, Behind

category: Warm-ups

Players pass the ball out to their feeder and then swap sides (going in front or behind the other passing player) to receive the return pass from the...

Getting Free

category: Getting-free

Netball Getting free Getting free The attacker has to try and get free and receive the ball by any of the 4 corner cones on the floor. Once they've a...

Killer Shooting

category: Shooting

Netball Killer Shooting Shooting The aim of the game is to score a goal ... shot goes in they pass the ball to the third player and join the back of ...

Defending Footwork With Ball

category: Defence

Netball Defending footwork with ball Defence In pairs ball between two player 1 holds the ball infront. As player 2 comes round the back player 1 rel...

Web Videos

Shantell's embarrasing fall

Playing Netball and Shantell Falls in front da whole school how embarrasing..P.s THAt is T'mera laughing like that.