category: Getting-free

Coaching points · Feet shoulder width apart (weight evenly distributed) · Players on their toes - ready to move · Player takes two steps one way, ...

Noughts And Crosses

category: Warm-ups

Netball Drill Demonstration · Description · Coaching points · Related Plans · Description · Coaching points · Related DrillsOften Used With:.

Chest Pass

category: Passing

Netball Chest pass Passing Players in pairs with one ball about 5 metres apart.

Sumo Wrestlers

category: Warm-ups

The idea is that each player has to try and touch the calves of their partners and at the same time ensure that they do not get caught. Coaching poin...


Community Drills

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Agility Test (Pre-Season)player stands at start and timer starts.player moves to each cone and runs THROUGH the finish where the timer is stopped.