Run Stop Relay

category: Moving-with-the-ball

The boxes formed by four cones in this drill should be around 1 meter by 1 meterin size. The first player in each group runs to the ball and continues...

Stick Stop

category: Set-Pieces

Stick horizontal Ball trapped on the shaft of the stick Ball trapped outside then moved into the circle for the strike at goal. Ball trapped outside ...

Shadow The Player With Ball

category: Defending-Skills

Two players with one ball position them selves either side of a line. Ball carrier on the left and the other player on the right hand side of the line...

Open Play Short Corner

category: Set-Pieces

Set up as shown in the picture. The ball is pushed out towards the top of the circle, but on this occasion the stopper dummies to stop the ball but l...

Web Videos

How to receive a hockey ball

This tutorial is a practical time-saver that will enable you to get good at hockey. Watch our bite-size tutorial on How To Receive A Hockey Ball from ...


Public Drills

8 v 2 (Passing)

8 attackers vs 2 defenders. Aims 8 attackers to keep the ball by passing it around the group and preventing the 2 defenders from getting the...