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Anybody have a drill to get players to stop passing ball back to where it came from?

I am coaching a JV team and my girls keep sending the ball back to where the ball came from.  Are there any good drills that would train them redirect?

Hi, I think the first and most simple practice is to make a sqare of 4 pilons. 6 players. 5 "defenders" trying to play the ball around. 1 of the 5 is in the middle and this is the only one who can play the ball to the player where it cam from. The one "attacker" left over is trying to steel the ball. 1 minut each player. Change the player in the middle with the attacker and one from the side goes in the middle and the one in the middle goed to the side. Start with a distance of 15 meters in a square and when it is getting better make it smaller. Jeroen

Hi Carla, It sounds like it is decision making issue but I could be wrong. I always try to get my girls to pre scan and make a decision about where the ball is going before they receive it, check again and then pass.

What works for me is allow them to play a small sided game. Shout freeze to stop the whole team when you need to correct something e.g. passing back to original person. Ask the person who just passed the ball back to close her eyes and point out where she thinks her other team mates are. Is she right? Ask the team what the better pass should have been? Also ask the supporting players where they should have been positioned themselves to best assist their team mate. How did they help in calling for the ball? Focus only on one key important point at a time and let them play on. 

Only stop it 2 or 3 times max and then add some scoring options - score 5 points for linking up 10 passes in one go before being tackled by the other side + counting will start from 1 again if the pass back to original person. Hopefully this game specific coaching will help in the game as well. Let me know how you get on.

With a group of players in any situation get the player who has just played the ball to follow their pass being a passive defender, simply adding a little pressure on the reciever. once the reciever moves the ball on they become the new passive defender, this works for any drill and increasing the defenders intensity and the amount of space you work with can make this very fun.

well i feel that we can change that act by playing out in multi dimensional that i mean A passes ball to B now its B who has to decided what to do either take ball by himself or pass it to C or D who should already be given signal by player B that where the ball will be delivered and signals should be usually via eyes as thats best technique which my team did to deceieve the opponents and in the meantime either A should stay or go direct into others goal so it ends in a goal

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