Drill Categories

Moving with the ball Drills

Moving with the ball, also known as dribbling, is how a player moves with the ball when in their possession using a hockey stick. The dribbling drills...

Passing & Receiving Drills

Passing and receiving are fundamental skills in the game of field hockey and determine the success of your team. The best teams make the ball do the w...


Reverse Stick Drag Stage 3

category: Video-Techniques

Next get the player to transfer the ball starting from the middle step out to the ball and turn the stick Transfer the ball across to the other cone a...

Reverse Turn And Pass

category: Eliminating-a-Player

Player runs with the ball in close control to the 2 cones to then reverse turn and pass the ball to the front player of the next group. ( 2 cones thro...

Revers Turn And Reverse Shot At Goal

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Players do 2 reverse turns through the cones (turning around the cone furthest away from the goal each time after which they take a reverse stick shot...


category: Overload-situations

create forward passes by transferring the ball The 3 blue players are trying to pass the ball through one of the 3 goals in the middle of the area to ...

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