Drill Categories

Indoor Hockey Drills

This is the indoor variant of traditional outdoor field hockey. It began as a pastime for players during the off-season. The key difference between fi...

3D skills Drills

As your hockey players develop stick control then you should be looking to teach them 3D hockey control skills. These are advanced ways of keeping con...


Wide Pass Forward

category: Movement-off-the-ball

Hockey Wide pass forward Movement off the ball Player 1 passes the ball across to player 2 who then passes up the wing to 3. Player 3 then crosses th...

Keep The Space Wide

category: Set-Pieces

Hockey Keep the space wide Set Pieces Setup the practice as shown. Red 1 starts with the ball and gives a square pass to Red 2. This player passes th...

Self Pass - Getting The Ball Wide

category: Movement-off-the-ball

Hockey Self Pass - Getting the ball wide Movement off the ball This is a basic practice to help teach players a simple pattern to get the ball out of...

Passing Lines - Switch The Ball

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Passing lines - Switch the ball Defending Skills The wide player passes the ball to the supporting player who then passes the ball wide, missi...

Web Videos

Hockey coaching - set plays

Defending Break Away Overview: This practice is perfect for refining stick control. Organisation: Groups of players are organised in 2 teams as illust...


Play wide to go Forward

Stretch them out - Use the whole width of the pitch and stretch your opposition to breaking point!