Passing Lines To Switch The Ball

category: Defending-Skills

Pass the ball to the supporting player who then passes the ball wide missing out the other central player. The practice can be done with 2 balls at th...

Passing Through A Line Of Defence

category: Possession

Create 2 end zones either side of a line. 2 players are in each end zone and 2 defenders on the line. The players in the end zones can pass the ball t...

Passing The Ball Out From The Back

category: Defending-Skills

4 players spread the ball round the back standing in defensive formation by their cone. The players pass and receive the ball, moving it from one side...

Get Beyond The 23M Line

category: Movement-off-the-ball

2 players stand on the 23m line with a defender. The defender is only allowed to defend outside the 23m area. One player on the half way line starts w...

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8v6 Outletting game

Blue (outletting team) can score by direct hits into any three goals on the halfway line. Red (pressing team) need to close the direct goal lines...