Reverse Stick Lift

category: 3D-skills

Hockey Reverse stick lift 3D skills - Performing a lift on the reverse side - Useful when a player is being channeled - Set up a hurdle. Have the pla...

Lifting In The Direction Of Your Run

category: 3D-skills

Hockey Lifting in the direction of your run 3D skills This is one of the hardest skills in 3D lifting ... Hockey Drill Demonstration ... Reverse stic...

Forehand And Backhand Lifts

category: 3D-skills

Hockey Forehand and Backhand lifts 3D skills - Perform multiple lifts on both sides over ... Hockey Drill Demonstration ... Reverse Squeeze Drill Thu...

Lift And Lift Again

category: 3D-skills

Hockey lift and lift again 3D skills Lay out wooden blocks or sticks as shown. Lift the ... Hockey Drill Demonstration ... reverse and forehand lift ...

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