3V3 To Break 4 V 2

category: Overload-situations

Set up two grids wide on the half way line.

Tell the players to play 3v3 possession in the box.

Have two player waiting in the 23m ar...

Attacking From The Back

category: Game-related

The aim of this exercise is to get the ball behind the three defenders in the zone. On achieving this, start again. Only one player at a time is al...

Web Videos

Hockey's best ankle breakers

Some of hockey's best ankle breakers! Leave any suggestions below! Video by Just Celly Hockey https://vine.co/JustCellyHard.



Community Drills

Long Corner game situation

Simulating a long corner situation with ideal options for breaking down the defence with passingAttack: choosing right options, getting in close to go...

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4 team contious breaking gameover 1/2 or 3/4 of pitch4 to 7 per teamteam A attacks team B until they score or lose the ball - then jumpbackand defendT...

Exploiting Height and Width

An attack-only drill, emphasising the importance of using the whole pitch when attacking.All passes should be slaps or hits.Pre-scanning from all play...