Hockey Drill Demonstration


Players work in pairs in this drill - attacking and defending pair.

The player who starts with the ball has to dribble around the cone and then try to score a goal on the half way line.

At the same time one player from the defending pair also runs around the cone. Once the player with the ball has run around the cone the drill is live.

The defending team are trying to dispossess the player with the ball and score against the keeper and the last defender.

The drill continues until one of the team has had a shot at one of the goals.

Coaching points

The second defenders must stand behind their respective lines (the shooting circle and the 25 yard line) and can only leave this area to support their team-mate in the attack.

The key to this practice is improving the reaction of the player who loses the ball. They need to chase back immediately after losing the ball to help their partner.

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