Drill Categories

Individual Drills

To truly develop their game players need to practice outside of team training sessions, which is why we have created this folder of solo drills and vi...


Zig Zag Drill

category: Defense

Set out cones to split the court in half, with your players working in pairs. The player with the ball should dribble the ball up the court in a Zig Z...

Zig-Zag Defensive Slide

category: Footwork-and-Movement

Have cones set up as shown in the image. Players will start at the 1st cone and defensive slide from cone to cone. Once the player gets their outside ...

Zig-Zag Defence With Offence

category: Defense

The players will pair up with one offensive player and one defensive player. The offensive player will dribble from cone to cone. The defensive player...

Zig-Zag Defence To Jump Shot

category: Defense

Players and cones will be set up as shown in video clip. One offensive and one defensive player. The offence will dribble through the cones with the ...

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