Close-Out Sprint Drill

category: Fitness

Basketball Close-Out Sprint Drill Fitness Have players lined up either side of the lane. When the whistle is blown the players will sprint out to the...

Cut And Sprint - Full Court Break

category: Shooting

Basketball Cut and Sprint - Full Court Break Shooting Player 1 passes to Player 2 and then cuts behind the strong side and receives a pass from Playe...

3 Player Pass, Cut And Shoot

category: Shooting

Basketball 3 Player Pass, Cut and Shoot Shooting Setup the practice as shown. Player 1 starts with the ball with player 2 making a flash (sprint) cut...

5M Dribble Sprint And Stop

category: Dribbling-Techniques

Basketball 5m Dribble Sprint and Stop Dribbling Techniques Players dribble the ball 5m whilst sprinting and come to a jump stop.

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Fast Break - Speed Offence!

A great speedy session for getting your to players to push the ball, make good decisions at speed and progress up the court with confidence!


Community Drills

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3-Spot ShootingPick three different spots on one side of the floor, such as the elbow, corner, and wing. Starting on the block, curl toward the elbow,...

Rebound - Outletpass

a) Coach wirft den Ball. Rot und blau müssen um den Rebound kämpfen. Wer ihn hat spielt mit gelb auf den anderen Korb, wer ihn nicht hat wir...


Rote Spieler holt Rebound --> Doppelpass mit 1, Doppelpass mit 2, KL. Danach sprint auf Position 1 3 holt Rebound, dribbelt durch die Hütchen, Doppelp...