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Fitness Drills

Fitness helps basketball players avoid injuries and win more games, allowing them to keep up a high intensity right up to the final buzzer. Fitter pla...


360 Degree Jumps

category: Fitness

Players will jump and rotatate 360 degrees in the air making sure they land on balance.

Once a player has jumped rotating one direction, the...

Backboard Touches

category: Fitness

The player will stand just in front of the backboard(to the side of the rim).

The player will jump and reach out with both arms to try and ...

Broad Jump

category: Fitness

Player will jump as far as they can whilst still being able to land on balance.

Complex Jump Training - With Weight Belt

category: Training-at-Home

For best results do this jumping routine after a set of squats. Wear a weighted belt if available.

Have a tennis ball hung up which is out ...

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Community Drills

Lay-Up Lines

Not strictly lay-up lines, as the shot type will not actually be a lay-up to begin with, but it is the same premise. The first in the 'shooting li...

10 on the left 10 on the right

starting from the 1 positionmake 10 standing jumpshots before being able to progress to the second stage.Remember to encourage, the correct bending of...