Drill Categories

Rebound Drills

A rebound follows a missed goal attempt or free throw and requires speed, timing and explosive power to regain possession of the ball. The rebound vid...

Shooting Drills

You cannot win matches without scoring points so it's important your players can shoot accurately. The shooting drills and videos will hone your playe...


Free Throw Shooting

category: Shooting-Techniques

Ensure the player's shooting arm has the elbow at approximately 90 degrees underneath the ball. The wrist should be cocked back underneath the ball. T...

Free Throw

category: Shooting

An example of a free throw shot

Free Throw Shot

category: Shooting

A close up example of a free throw shot A free throw game you can play is to ask your players to line up 5 feet away from the front of the rim. The c...

Free Throws When Changing Drills.

category: Shooting

In between shooting drills when changing from one to the other, shoot 10 free throws. Try to shoot at least 50 a day. Free throws should be unique to ...


category: Games

A line at the free-throw line. The 1st 2 players will have a basketball. The player in front always gets to shoot 1st. As soon as the player in front ...

Pyramid And Shuffle

category: Fitness

Baseline to sideline level with freethrow line;Sidestep to middle of free throw circle and back to sideline;Sideline level with freethrow line backwar...