Lateral - Switch

category: Passing

Using cones, mark out a training area 15 meters x 10 meters. Split your players into groups of 2. Allocate 4 groups of 2 to each training area. If yo...

Switch 2

category: Backs-Moves

See the diagram for suggested starting positions. 10 carries the ball up. 12 advances. 10 passes to 12. 12 cuts in. 13 advances and cuts in towards t...

Lateral - Switch

category: Passing

Tell your players the following..... Players in pairs with a ball between them. The player on the left starts with the ball and passes the ball to th...

Switch Back Flick

category: Sevens

The ball carrier advances, running diagonally across the grid with the player on the other cone doing the same, but with a delay. The ball carrier ca...

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Community Drills


1. 8 pick up from scrum, hit blindside2. 8 passes to 93. 9 drifts across and switches with 13 (switch 1)4. 13 switches back to 8 (switch 2)5. 9 contin...