2 Vs 1 - With Running Support

category: Off-Loads

The lead attacker runs straight at the defender, attacking either the space on the left or the right before taking the tackle and off loading to th...

Handling - The Well Weighted Pass

category: Handling

Players line up on the left hand side of each gate and they start in a line, 5m down from the first gate.

  • The player on the left start...

Quick Positioning, Passing And Support

category: Agility-Running-Skills

4 players start together on their stomachs next to each other.

  1. As the coach calls a colour cone, they move into position quickly.
  2. ...

Web Videos


Running Lines and Fixing Defenders

Create doubt in the defender's mind by getting your ball carrier to run straight with the ball, and support runners to run good lines to create depth ...


Community Drills

Pass and Move

In Pairs, the defenders will stagger themselves along the course, with the attackers running straight towards the defenders to 'draw them into the tac...

Running Straight

Start with 4v2 touch.Attacking players must not run out of their lanes.Defenders may use any part of the pitch to make the tackle.Start at 50%- increa...