Rugby League Drill Demonstration


Set Up

15m x 30m channel - One defender two attackers one behind the other 5m apart

Lead attacker runs at straight at defender. Attacks space left or right takes tackle and off loads to support player running down opposite channel – that is attackers attacks left – support player goes right

Coaching points

Lead attacker engages defender by running straight at him and making eye contact.

Change running speed from 90% to 100% to attack space to left or right of defender ensuring footwork remains short. At this point ball can be transferred to one hand if comfortable and the free hand used to fend – hold ball away from tackler and ensure footwork movement is sufficient to stretch the defender.

Attacking player should turn back towards the tackle and look for the support back inside.

Make eye contact with support player and lift pass into space with little weight, just enough to raise ball to head height – the ball can have lateral OR vertical trajectory.

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