Drill Categories

Ruck Clear Out Drills

A ruck clear out involves players removing their opposition from the ruck to allow a quick pass to be made and avoid turnovers. The ruck and clear out...


One V One

category: Sevens

Coach calls out a number/colour and that pair of players reacts, have the players decide who is the defender and who is the attack - this should chan...

Evasion Race

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Divide your players into two groups and set up two lines of cones about 3m apart. Each cone should be 1.5m apart in a straight line. The player in fr...

Race To The Line

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Set three cones out at an equal distance from one another. On the coach's shout, two players sprint from the middle of the cones out to one cone befor...

Relay Passing Race

category: Warm-Up

With each new instruction to players you'll be having a race, lets see which group is the fastest - no cheating! Don't spend too much time talking, g...

Web Videos

Rugby league's fastest man 2012

The 2012 96m race to find the fastest man in Rugby League. 18 contenders in one spectacular race along the Headingley pitch, watch to find out the res...

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