Pass Invaders

category: Passing

Increase the distance between the cones, increasing the length of the pass. Make all the passes flat, for the attackers to run onto. Increase the num...

Chasing The Pass

category: Passing

You can further develop this game by making the circle bigger. This will push the runner and will increase the length of the pass required between ea...

Pass Within A Channel

category: Passing

Rugby Pass within a channel Passing Tell the players the following..... This is simple, just attack from the bottom and top of the grid at pace. Ther...

Passing Left To Right

category: Passing

Rugby Passing left to right Passing Strong grip, thumbs are out, hold the ball high with fingers pointing to the sky. Keeping your hips square pass t...

Web Videos

Improve your passing - rugby drills

Basic Rugby Drills designed to improve your passing skills. The lateral pass is the most basic of the three but enables players to pass the ball over ...


Improving the length of pass

The ball travels faster than a running player, so stretch your opponents defence by developing your players' long pass.