category: Warm-ups


Choose 1 player to be the catcher - they start standing on the line between 2 thirds, wearing a bib.

All othe...


category: Getting-free

Split players into 4s inside a coned area. The attackers (white) start with the ball on the outside of the playing area.

To begin with Whit...

Dodging In 4S

category: Getting-free

  • In 4's.

    Feeder 1 passes the ball to 2. As she turns, player 3 has dodged to get free from her defence (player 4). Repeat the practice with pla...

  • Free On Circle Edge In To Circle

    category: Getting-free

    ​Set up a small triangle of cones on the circle edge, to one side. A defender stands in this area.

    Have 2 attackers (A1, A2) positioned as sh...

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    Mini-games and Warm Up Drills

    10 fun games and ideas to improve your warm up - Bring the WOW factor to your next practice and prepare your players, mentally and physically!

    Getting Free for Beginners

    From warm up to final game this session gets your players using angled drives to create space and leave their marker rooted to the spot!

    Community Drills


    Practice DodgingWhen leading to the left catch from the left, when leading to the right catch from the rightWorkers must double back to the cone befor...

    Dodge and Double Dodge

    Technique - Groups of 5Work through cones practicing dodging technique Without BallWith BallRemove DotsAdd Defence


    Blue players are defensive players that can move horizontal across the line. Pink players are attacking players and must work from behind the blue pla...