Passing Circle

category: Ball-presentation

Place 2 players in the centre. Both players pass to those running the circle. Notice that the gap between the passer and the catcher has narrowed bec...

Passing Circle

category: Passing

Tell your players the following..... There will be 4 players on the outside of the circle, starting at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. There wil...

Into Contact And Give The Ball Conditioning

category: Contact-Skills

circle of players 2 players in the middle one of the player with a ball. The ball carrier has to run into contact with one of the outside player and t...

Presenting The Ball In A Circle

category: Ball-Presentation

A circle must be set up for player/coach to walk around. The players must be in pairs with one been the attacker and the other the defender. Both play...

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