Join The Attack: 2V1 - 3V2 - 5V4

category: Warm-Up

With a group of nine, tell two of them they are attackers - for now. The rest will be in defence. Allocate your defenders within the grid, one defend...

2 Vs 1

category: Decision-making

Coach starts with the ball and can throw the ball to either one of the outside players of the 3 players ready to play. The player in the middle always...

Dislodge The Ball 2V1

category: Ruck-Clear-Out

Set Up 3 players, 1 ball2 v 1 one player with ball tries to retain possession whilst other 2 work to dislodge ball. 30 secs of work - if successful b...

Hold Off - 1V1

category: Ruck-Clear-Out

Set Up 2 players, 1 ballStart with ball carrier with a straight arm onto the chest of the defender. 20 sec of work: ball carrier tries to maintain ar...

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