Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Groups of 6+ 
  • Ball

3 Attackers line up opposite 2 defenders. 

The ball carrier takes the ball hard up to the line. 

A trialer runner stays hidden behind ball carrier.

The 2nd Reciver does an out to in line of running (acting as the short crash ball) 

The trialer runner runs an arking line out the back (acting as a out wide option) 

The Defence make a decion whether to bite on the short runner or wide runner.

The ball carrier tries to make the right option of what ball to give. 

Coaching points

  • Ball carrier take ball hard to line 
  • Uses footwork and double pump of the ball to keep defence interested.
  • Triler runner stays hidden behind first reciver - when recives ball straightens up immediatly after reciving ball. 
  • Short runner, runs an out to in line making lots of noise to interest defence. 
  • Both ball recivers must expect the ball. 
  • The Trailer runner must be deep enough that the ball carrier can see the pass. (DO NOT BE TOO FAR AWAY)

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