Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • One attacking team and one defending team.
  • Exercise focused on decision making when in a 2 v 1 situation.
  • Each team lines up either side of the coach
  • On 'GO' two attackers run round one side of the playing area and one defender runs round the other side. The coach passes to one of the attackers to initiate play.
  • The aim is for the one attacker to reach the end line of the defender's side without being tackled/intercepted by the defender.

Coaching points

  • Attackers should focus on drawing the defender in, and waiting until the defender is very close before passing to the teammate in open space.
  • Attackers should move forward with the ball, and have the option to pass or to dummy the pass and run to the end line themselves.
  • Defenders should try to stay in the middle of the two attackers, to not commit themselves too early or easily.
  • If the defender gets dragged to the ball carrier too quickly and easily, the other attacker will have a lot of space to run to the end line.
  • If the defender too focused on anticipating the pass across, then the ball carrier can dummy and go themselves.

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