Crab Relay Race

category: Warm-ups

A fun flexibility drill, with an element of competition to get teams moving. Players are on their hands and feet, with their stomachs facing the sky...

Street Tag

category: Warm-ups

Split your players into 2 teams 4v4 with one ball to start and mark out a square grid (20x20) by using cones.The white players (catchers) pass the bal...

Rats And Rabbits

category: Warm-ups

Blues are the rats. Whites are the rabbits. On the command 'Rats', the rats run to the next 1/3 line with the rabbits chasing them. Return to the cen...


category: Warm-ups

The feeder can pass the ball anywhere. The worker must move at speed to retrieve the ball and return it to the feeder. Work like this for 10 passes an...

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