Hitting Test

category: Skill-Circuit

The player is required to hit the ball across the width of the pitch at the target. There are two options on how to hit: either put the ball on the s...

Pass And Receive

category: Warm-up-Games

The blue team position themselves tactically around the area. Players with the ball make a pass to one of the static players, looking to then receive ...

Self Pass To Create 2 Vs 1

category: Self-Pass

2 v 1 with depth. Blue player starts with a self pass and runs at the defender with the option of then passing the ball to the deep player or taking t...

1-1-3-3-3 formation

This set-up will see your team playing with a sweeper behind the back 3. The advantage of this system is that there is always a covering player to ...

Web Videos

Field hockey skills

Field hockey Indian dribble. Start small side-to-side drags inside shoulder width, then extend to the more difficult outside shoulder width. Please ra...



Bite size fitness 7

Burst out of the blocks with this sprint and agility hockey conditioning session, and add a fitness element to your training today