The German

category: Set-Pieces

Hockey The German Set Pieces Players must set up as shown in the diagram. The ball is pushed out to the stopper at the top of the circle. The striker...


category: Set-Pieces

Hockey Injection Set Pieces Put the ball in the crook of the stick point your left foot at the target right foot behind the line (in the rules) Point...

Drag Flick

category: Set-Pieces

Hockey Drag Flick Set Pieces - How to perform the Drag Flick on penalty corners - The most common approach to penalty corners in the modern game.

Stick Stop

category: Set-Pieces

Hockey Stick stop Set Pieces - Stick stoppping the ball for a penalty corner.

Web Videos

Hockey coaching - set plays

Defending Break Away Overview: This practice is perfect for refining stick control. Organisation: Groups of players are organised in 2 teams as illust...


Community Drills

Marking exercise

Every defender is marking an attacker. Play set pieces situations in which the defenders have to keep a close marking. - Don't be taken by the ba...

Set Pieces

Player D starts on the yellow cone. Makes a fake lead to P spot and then leads to an area out of the D.Player F starts on the yellow cone and fake lea...