Retention Of Possession - 2V2V2

category: Possession

Hockey Retention of possession - 2v2v2 Possession 2 teams combine to play 4 versus 2 All players must remain in the box The attackers who lose the ba...

Jab Tackle

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Jab Tackle Defending Skills The jab can be used as a form of delay either ... to tempt the player to take their eyes off the ball and possibly...


category: Conditioned-Games

Hockey Kabadi Conditioned Games Set up with two teams, each team having their own area in which they keep possession by passing the ball around. ... ...

Web Videos

Hockey coaching - set plays

Defending Break Away Overview: This practice is perfect for refining stick control. Organisation: Groups of players are organised in 2 teams as illust...


Passing under Pressure

Create pressure situations to improve how your players can pass when they're under pressure and have to think fast!



Community Drills

2 v 1 into the D

Wide man (left or right forward) uses a bounce pass with the centre forward to draw the defender in and open up space along the baseline for the wide ...

V-Drags Zig-Zag Exercise

- practice v drag at each cone (from left to right & right to left) throughout the slalom- imagine cones are defenders & practice faking &...