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Warming-Up : Ball Warm Up

category: warming-up

Handball warming-up : Ball Warm Up warming up Players have a ball each and go through different dribbling variations as instructed by the coach. This...

Warming-Up : Figure Of 8

category: warming-up

Handball warming-up : Figure of 8 warming up Set up two circles of cones across the width of the court. Players run one at a time around the cones in...

Warming-Up : Goalkeeper

category: warming-up

Handball warming-up : goalkeeper warming up Variations warming up goalkeepers : Players must throw in a way the goalkeeper get the opportunity to bl...

Warming-Up : Benches Circuit

category: warming-up

Handball warming-up : benches circuit warming up Players run the course. variations in jumping : - two feet at the same time, forward, over the bench...

Warming-Up : Straight Line Pass

category: warming-up

Handball warming-up : Straight Line Pass warming up Every player, except the players on the wings, runs out to receive the pass and passes it on agai...

Warming Up : Triangular Run

category: warming-up

Handball warming up : triangular run warming up (moving with ball) - dribble - dribble with right hand - dribble with left hand - dribble with left/r...

Warming-Up : Pass-Receive X3

category: warming-up

Handball warming-up : Pass-Receive x3 warming up Players take it in turns to run with the ball and play three consecutive one-twos (passing and recei...

Warming-Up : Mat Dragging

category: warming-up

Handball warming-up : mat dragging warming up Two players drag, carry (knee, hip, over their heads) a mat to the other side of the court and back. va...

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Warming up

op de dikkematten staan 2 meiden op de kleine matjes 1 als er een bal op de mat komt dan wisselen we om en komen er nieuwe meiden in het spel

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Warming up 20 a 30 minutenVia Joint forces methode. https://www.jforces.nl/Join-t-Forces.De meiden hebben een kaartje in het bezit met uitleg. De uitl...

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Warming up ( halve speelveld)LUMMELEN, D probeert de bal te onderscheppen welke door A wordt overgespeeld.Moeilijkheidsgraad verhogen door A met stuit...