Wall Bounce Ball

category: 114-aiming-throwing

Handball wall bounce ball 114 aiming/throwing Two teams, one or two balls. Try to score a goal by a bounce ball. Goal is the line between the cones.

Bounce Warm Up

category: 615-goal-keeper-exercises

Handball Bounce Warm Up 615 goal keeper : exercises Goalkeepers start on one side of the court and move forward to the other side. Players will make ...

Wallball - Double Bounce

category: 114-aiming-throwing

Handball Wallball - Double bounce 114 aiming/throwing Create two pitches on either side of the court near a wall, each with two equal areas. Two play...

Relay Race

category: 111-running-jumping-moving

Handball relay race 111 running/jumping/moving Two or more teams. Who is back first ? variations : - running - dribbling - running complete team at o...

Introduction : Center Shot

category: 314-center-shot

Handball introduction : center shot 314 center shot Pairs stand a couple of meters apart from one another and pass the ball to one another. Players c...

Dribble And Shoot

category: 560-complex-shooting-exercises

Handball Dribble and Shoot 560 complex shooting exercises Players take it in turns to dribble out to their cone and then shoot at goal. They must sho...

Dribble Across The Zone

category: 218-dribbling-defence-of-dribbling

Handball Dribble across the zone 218 dribbling/defence of dribbling The white players try to cross the court area by dribbling. There is one blue pla...

Moving Goal Game

category: small-match-playing

Handball Moving Goal Game small match playing Two equal teams play with one ball in half the court. Two players who are on neither team hold an elast...

10 Ball (1)

category: 320-passing-varieties-catching-passing

Two teams.
Aim of the game is to get to 10 successful consecutive passes in a row. The other team tries to get the ball and start their own 10 ...

10 Ball (2)

category: 320-passing-varieties-catching-passing

Two teams:

Aim of the game is to get to 10 successful consecutive passes in a row. The other team tries to touch the player in possession OR ...

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Community Drills

Drill 1 - passing

Split the group into 4 sub groups.Have the participants stood in a zig zag line, show them how to do the chest pass and get them to copy passing to ea...

Pass and Go

2 Lines, Split into 5 either side.1st Player passes ball to opposite player then runs round to the back of opposite queueReciever repeats by passing t...

Copy of Autosave 29754719

Before any player has a ball they will first walk around a triangel and stop in each corner, to do a static stretch of their choice, once each player ...

Autosave 80658069

The player starts off in ther spot bouncing the ball to get use to the feeling of the ball then the coach would blow their whistle and the player has ...