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In the goal area players are static and dribbling the ball on the spot.

When the trainer blows their whistle the players must try to dribble the ball across a certain line without being tackled.

Defenders must try to prevent players from getting past them.

Coaching points


Ball must bounce up between hip and chest height. When dribbling push ball diagonally forwards. Hand must touch the ball just over the horizontal mid line of the ball (equator).

Common mistakes:

Ball bounces up too high. Ball bounces up too low. Dribbling in front of the body instead of slightly to the side.


Look at the ball but also at you opponents and fellow team-mates. Defend the ball when dribbling (shield + avoid running directly into trouble). Put your hand between the ball and your opponent's hand when you hear the ball bounce the floor. Attack your opponent from the side they are dribbling.

Variations :

Defending players men must dribble as well or players must dribble with their weak hand.

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