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Hoops scattered in the area.
Players dribble from one hoop to another.
When the trainer whistles everybody should dribble to one of the hoops.
But.... there is one hoop less than the number of children. So one player cannot go into a hoop. He must sit down next to the trainer.
The trainer takes out a hoop every time. Who will be the last player left on the court ?

variations :
- dribble with left hand
- dribble with right hand
- dribble with both hands in turn every time

Coaching points


pay only attention to the complete technical movement
Only general corrections
- ball must bounce up between hip and chest height
- dribbling must go in accordance with the pace rhythm
- when dribbling push ball diagonally front wards

mistakes often made
- ball bounces up too high
- ball bounces up too low
- dribbling in front of the body in stead of slightly sidewards of the body
- hand must touch the ball just over the horizantal midline of the ball (equator)
- not only look at the ball but also at you opponents and fello teammates

defend the ball when dribbling

- put your hand in between the ball and the opponent's hand when you hear the ball bounce the floor
- attack your opponent from the side he is dribbling the ball

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