Keep Your Shape - Shuffle And Pass

Football Keep your shape - Shuffle and Pass Passing and Receiving Players pass the ball to each other while keeping shape and moving along the pitch ...

Activation - 4V4V4 Possession Game

Soccer Activation - 4v4v4 Possession Game Possession Objective: The team on the outside to retain possession (on outside only) & switch play by combi...

4 Goal Channelling

Football 4 Goal Channelling Defending 6 vs 6 game with 2 Floaters (who can play for whichever team has the ball). Set up an area the size of one half...


Football Overloading Conditioned games The pitch set up has a defending zone and an attacking zone, divided by a midfield channel. The defending zone...

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Defensive Shape 5-3-2 - Late

Replicate defending during sustained pressure of an attack.6 attackers in static locations.5 defenders / 3 mid.First, walk through how the shape shoul...

Defensive shape

- free play- 5 attackers attack the goal- 4 defenders defend the goal but trying to keep their shape- communication- awareness- position