Football Drill Demonstration


Play 5 v 5 +1 goalkeeper at each end. Only defending players and goalkeepers are allowed in the end zones. The game is started by the coach playing the ball into an end zone.

The object of the game is for the team to score with a shot on the opposite goal. A defensive player receives the ball from the goalkeeper at the top of the diagram. The defenders must attempt to pass the ball around the area until an opportunity arises to play the ball forward to the lone striker. Defenders and midfield players must then push forward toward the opposing goal line in support of the attack. Defenders and midfield players should retain position until they are able to play the ball forward without fear of losing possession.

Coaching points

Play from the back, not at the back. Pass to midfield players with a call of hold or turn.

Play to midfield player then support at an angle. Play backwards to go forwards whenever necessary.

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