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Lateral Defending - Stopping Sanchez! Session Thumbnail
Lateral Defending - Stopping Sanchez!

Use this session to teach your players how to defend against speedy strikers by holding them up, with a second defender offering cover.

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Set up with 2 cones as shown with 2 players at each end and 1 ball.

Player with the ball passes the ball across and then quickly closes their pass down. Once they get close they take a defensive stance and move backwards as the player on the ball dribbles forward.

Once they get halfway the player defending quickly retreats and then receives the pass before changing roles.

Coaching points

Demand firm passes to test the first touch of your players.

Defending stance should be like a boxer, remaining sideways, on their toes and showing the attacker one way or the other but not both.

For younger players you can use the saying of 'get on your surfboard' to give the image of the defending stance.

Players should not tackle.


You can maniplulate the distance between the two cones accordingly to give more or less practice on the type of movement you want and to also demand a different distance of passing.

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