Turning defence into attack - Early ball distribution

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To make sure your team can switch smoothly from defence to attack this Sportplan session focuses on improving your players' awareness - making sure that when they regain possession their focus changes from defending to attacking mode - and that they're ready to move up the pitch and create passing options for their team-mates.

A lot of the best teams score their goals on the break, capitalising on the fact that the opposition are out of position, by using early ball distribution to the wingmen, speedy passing and fast running to quickly turn defence into attack!

To make your team work on their transitional play this session starts with a mark your man drill, with lateral dribbling and skills, before then starting a trio of conditioned games which force your players to move off the ball quickly.

To stop your players from ball-watching these conditioned games all reward off the ball movement and encourage players to make space, pass the ball and drive up the pitch!

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