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Junior Short Passing - Technique and Games Session Session Thumbnail
Junior Short Passing - Technique and Games Session

Use this pass and move plan to improve your team's in-step passing technique - helping them to keep possession for longer!

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Two teams try and score by running the ball into their opponent's scoring zone and stopping the ball dead.

Rules are:

1. You can only pass backwards.

2. The defensive players are not allowed to go beyond the line of the ball.

3.  Players can run with the ball and tackle.

4. If this game is spoilt by too many tackles, then change the rules to rugby league (the attacking team can have their attack broken down 6 times before having to give possession to the other side).

Coaching points

Players have to dribble the ball when they receive it but can pass once they have started moving.

Very energetic game make sure that players keep moving with the ball. Throw ins are taken by the player throwing the ball to themselves and starting to dribble with the ball.

Encourages players to make good use of the width and depth of the pitch.

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