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Junior Short Passing - Technique and Games Session Session Thumbnail
Junior Short Passing - Technique and Games Session

Use this pass and move plan to improve your team's in-step passing technique - helping them to keep possession for longer!

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Station four players in each grid, with one ball per practice.

The white team start with possession of the ball.

Player 1 on the white team passes the ball into the opposing area. The white team can then send two players into the opposing area to defend.

A goal is scored when the blue team makes 5 consecutive passes without an interception.

Repeat in the opposite direction.

Coaching points

The team in possession should be very mobile, making runs off the ball to create space for the ball carrier.

Players off the ball should be accessible to the ball carrier at all times.

When a defender wins the ball, he should turn and look to pass it to his team immediately.


Various was of progressing this game can include increasing the number of defenders to three, make the area smaller, or increasing the game to 6 v 6.

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