Channelling the opposition

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Work on the defensive concept of channelling with your team in this session, helping to make the opposition?s play more predictable, so your defence can easily snuff out their attack. By restricting play to one area, your players will be able to anticipate where the ball is going to go, therefore making it easier to clear the ball and halt the attack!

What?s in the Session?

Use this session to develop the defenders understanding of where to send the attackers, starting with a four-goal channelling drill to improve their technical ability. Defenders should be delaying attackers until sufficient defensive support is available by channelling them wide, away from the danger areas. Teach your players not to dive in, with the use of jockeying, making sure they have a good body position to the ball in a more match specific practice to finish the session.

With the use of these key drills, get your players thinking defensively and delaying the opposition, ready to stop the attack in its tracks!

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