Defensive Confidence in a 1 vs 1

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This Session aims to give your defenders greater confidence when faced with a 1 vs 1 situation, working on shadowing, channelling and most importantly that they don't always have to dive in - just being there will give the attacker far more to worry about!

There's nothing worse than a defender who dives in willy nilly, without thinking about if it's the right thing to do or not. To help prevent this sort of reckless defending in this session we look at ways you can get your players to hold up their man, forcing them wide, away from the danger area, and keeping the attacker away from the danger zones until the cavalry arrives!

It doesn't matter what level of football you coach, whether it's Serie A or Serie Z, defenders always find it difficult when left in a one on one show down.

To deal with these tricky situations we go mano-a-mano, starting with a drill which sees your defenders shadowing their man as they run laterally, standing with knees bent so that they're ready to change direction at any given moment and then progress through a number of increasingly difficult one vs one drills which will test their ability to defend against an oncoming player when it matters the most!

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Defending with Confidence

This pack of Defending Master Sessions has been developed to help you improve your players' game when they're at their most vulnerable, without the ball and trying to win it back!

Topics Include: Defensive Confidence in a 1 vs 1, Cut out the long ball, Recovering after losing possession, Playing the ball out from the back and more.

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Defending with Confidence - in this pack:

Defending Drogba - Cut out the long ball

By cutting out the ball over the top your defenders can prevent the ball ever reaching the opposition's danger players!

Defensive Confidence in a 1 vs 1

Don't be let down by your defenders in a one vs one show down, use this session and give them the skill and confidence to deal with one on ones

Lateral Defending - Keep out Carlos!

Can you keep Carlos out? Work towards a tighter defence holding up attackers with a second defender offering cover!

Plan B defending - On the edge of your Box

Teach your players to deal with defending in the danger zone - in and around their 18 yard box!

Playing the ball out from the back

Don't just play route one football, play the ball out of your defence by passing, dribbling and looking forwards for options to start the new attack

Turnover - Recovering after losing possession

How to counter a counter-attack! React quickly, hold up the ball and reorganize your back line to box out their striker!

Click here to get instant access to this pack for the introductory price of £7.50.

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