Defending as an individual, unit & team

It’s often the case with players both young and old. The team lose the ball up the pitch and the opposition break quickly and the mentality to get back and win the back is not there. Change your team's mentality to make defending enjoyable to win the ball and set up new attacks.

What’s in the Session?

Warm up with an active practice to get the players physically ready and in the mindset of defending and winning back the ball. The session then progresses to work the players defensive skills as:

  • Individuals
  • Small-units
  • Team

Use the skills developed as individuals and take them into defending as a smaller unit and then as a team. By repeating regular defending practices and recognising the value of winning the ball back will soon change the mindset of the players to work hard to get the ball back to set up counter attacks.

Develop the teams defending ability and get them working together in both attack and defence.

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