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Where to play our tallest strongest player

We have a tall strong player in our under 12 team, he is well built but we are not sure what his best position is ie out and striker or centre back he tends to go on long runs and can withstand strong tackles but he does try to do too much and can tire, he doesn't always pass when he should and often will shoot wide where placing his shoot would be better any suggestions ?

From the way you described the guy I think it is the role that this is the main problem but what are the exercises to do to improve on some details. The fact that it tends to lead ball is not a downside, of course, if he does jump man or go to the shooting, but you may make corrections by the guy working on the 2-on-2 in both defensive and offensive. In this tutorial, ask for the game to 2-3 touches and explains the variations in attack, such as triangulation, passing, cutting ... etc.. It is said that if you have good quality feint and dribbling can not do out loud or play as a second striker.

If he's a big stong lad and can with stand a tackle, gets on these dangerous runs why not sit him in center mid. Likes of Yaya Toure, he could play at the back, when city need a goal he pushes uptop but his sheer power drives them on, if you get into his head he will play more attacking and give him a role of either sitting and breaking things up when defending then to swiftly come into a ball carrier when on the attack. Putting him in there gives you the ability to use his tackles, strength, lets him rest alot more already being further forward, have to bear in mind though he won't be you're best player in 2-3 years when everyone else catches him up so don't mould a team around him


Although I agree with you there Liam, I would probably suggest this lad is trained and nurtured into a target man (striker). With his build, height and runs he's making, alongside the fact that he is able to take big tackles, he sounds like the ideal striker to be able to take advantage of smaller opposition and get you goals. You mention the fact that he sometimes holds on to the ball too much, this is not always a bad thing, it shows that he wants to get at the opposition and make them put in a challenge. Obviously within time, as already mentioned others will catch up with him physically, however by that time he would have already had a head start and with the right coaching (how to use his body correctly, when to release the ball and when to be greedy and get at the defender) this lad could be a very talented prospect.

You could always ask HIM what his favourite position is?

Tim and Liam good replies.

However this is also about your own beliefs as a coach as well. If you prefer the passing style then the middle may well be most proactive for this player as you get strength down the middle plus the attacking threat whereas he could be isolated if playing as the lone striker if used just as an out and out target. If you prefer a more defensive unit to stop opponents then having this player in the heart of defence may be the best option.

You are still trying to develop them as all round players at 12, so you can play him in a variety of positions even in Goal!! As for the shooting, give him a target of one half of the goal to aim for in each half instead of just aiming for goal.



i would simply play the lad centre midd getting him to win the ball in the air and on the ground and feed the wide players and put your strikers in end of

He's still only 11 years old. In another 2 years he might be an averaged size average strength player. Or even a small player! You should be encouraging players to play in different positions all over the pitch. Just because he's tall doesn't mean he should be a centre anything. You might be missing a trick and he might be the best full-back in the world!!!

Try rotating your players positions during training and you might just uncover a gem...

Totally agree with Tim. Give him (everyone) the experience of playing in every position so he can improve all areas of his game. Playing someone up top can also make them a better defender and visa versa. Drogba started out a centre back, Ashley Cole started as AMC.

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