Football Drill Demonstration


Objective: To defend as a full back in a 1 v 1 situation


  • This practice uses only 4 players (2 full backs 1 winger 1 GK).
  • Use half a pitch down either side.
  • Serving full back serves the ball from the half way line into the winger.
  • Defensive full back starts 10 yards outside the 18 yard box.
  • Serving full back passes ball into wide player, and as ball travels defending full back pressurises the ball.
  • Close down wide player quickly cutting off the line preventing wide player getting passed into coned area.
  • Slow down within 2-3 yards to prevent wide player getting past, but close enough to prevent building up speed.
  • Jockey and lead with nearest foot if ball can be won.

Drill tags: 1v1, defence, defend, defending, football, full backs

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