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Diamond formation midfield in an 11 a side game. Reds vs blue.

Set up in the formation:

2 strikers, diamond midfield, 4 defenders and a GK.

The midfield players are attempting to channel the attackers to one side of play, to keep pushing them out towards the side and limit their options.

Encourage individuals to channel the ball and contain players in certain areas and to be aware of covering other Defenders.

Coaching points

To keep players going to the left hand side then each midfielder should come running in following an arced line, moving up and then left. This shuts down passing options to the right hand side and tries to force the player to just continue straight down the left hand side.

When the players have dictated play down the left side they should engage to win the ball back.

The Fullback pushes up to create a 2 vs 1 situation against the Attacking winger.

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