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Red team vs Blue team.

Set up a diamond midfield formation

2 strikers, 4 midfield, 4 defenders.

Set up cones as shown on the diagram

(3 sets of cones. 2 pairs before the top of the diamond numbered "1", one pair of cones lower down in the middle of the diamond numbered "2")

Works on the Defence channelling the ball into certain areas.

The 2 red team strikers try to stop the blue team from playing the ball through either of the "1" cones, so that play is encouraged into a central area (top of the diamond).

Once the blue player with the ball has reached the top of the diamond, players will looks to direct him outside of the "2" cones and into wide areas (occupied by the 2 red wide midfielders).

Red fullbacks need to recognise where the ball is going and move into an advanced wide position to put pressure on opposition's wide players.

By doing this the red team are attempting to dictate how the ball moves.

Play for half an hour.

Coaching points

The red players should use their angle of approach and body position to effectively channel the blues.

They do this by running up and in, on a curve to block passing options in a certain direction before engaging with the player.


The main benefit of a diamond formation is so that the number 10 (top of the diamond) can receive the ball in space between the oppositions defensive and midfield unit. The number 10 can also make runs in behind Defenders creating space for the other Attackers to drop in and receive the ball.

The Defenders are attempting to make play predictable and prevent the ball going very wide because we do not want the wide midfielders going too wide and leaving space to be exploited.

Success of this drill judged by the coach observing and feeding back. If the Attackers from either side take the ball through the coned areas then they could be given a point.

With something so match and team specific, the team should be constantly questioning why this approach is being taken, and allowed to voice their opinion.

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