Football Drill Demonstration


Objective: To be able to defend in 1 v 1 situations & learn how to slow down attackers and win the ball back.


  • Set up 20 x 40 area with cones marking out every 10.
  • Within that area will be 4 channels of 20 x 10.
  • Spilt group into 4 and give a channel each with a small goal at one end.
  • Practice starts 1v1 and P1 (defender) passing into P2 (attacker) then closing down.
  • Objective for P2 is to try and beat the defender and then score into goal.
  • Objective for P1 to win the ball back and counter.
  • Rotate around and rest whilst remaining players have a go.
  • To begin the practice make sure the pass is quality & accurate.
  • Delay & Deny
  • Defender needs to immediately press the ball, reduce space for attacker to work in & reduce decision making time.
  • Body shape/position - side on, low centre of gravity, front font defending, show away from danger or onto weaker side.
  • Speed - Quick to reduce space then de accelerate on approach to give enough time to get into a good shape and position.
  • Be patient and wait for trigger (heavy touch, head down, weaker side etc) to steal the ball.

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