4 On 4 Half Court

category: Games

Play 4 versus 4 at one basket with the following rules:

  • No Dribbling
  • Pass and screen or pass and cut
  • Make it - take ...

Grip Game

category: Games

Each player has a basketball. At the end of each baseline put a football goal. The coach has a volleyball. Each player must hold his or her basketb...

Line Up

category: Games

Teams of 4-6 players with one ball. Players line up with their backs to the court and the gaps between the players are length of their hands. The f...

Meat Grinder - Score To Get Out

category: Rebound

This is a high pressure shooting drill designed to teach players to hold their ground and shoot under pressure.

Rules: Players must shoot fr...

Web Videos

The rules of basketball - explained!

Ninh explains the Rules of NBA NCAA Basketball. A beginner's explanation of the laws of Basketball. Watch this short tutorial video guide on how to pl...




Community Drills


Full Game of Basketball. Including two teams, full court and proper rules.

The Multi-Skills Game

This game uses a mix of many skills and FUNdamental movements to practise in a fun and competitive game environment. Rules:-Play in teams of arou...


Tournament rules (Modified basketball rules) -Players cannot step out the boundaries ( black lined perimeter the court)-Players cannot walk or run wit...

3v3 Game

Teams of 3 will a play a game of touch football. the same rules of touch football will apply to this game.-the players shoudl try to use some of the d...