Basketball Drill Demonstration


Passing in Pairs down the length of the court, switching sides. Increasing the distance between the two sides. 5/10/15 meters

A) Chest passing

B) Bounce passing

Pay particular attention to (TRAVELLING) explain to players re (TRAVELLING)

*In basketball, traveling is a violation of the rules that occurs when a player holding the ball moves one or both of their feet illegally. 2 Steps min

Accurate passing to each other in pairs using the chest pass and bounce pass

A) Chest pass - insure accurate passing, calling, footwork and movement. Watch ball into the hands, follow through with the throw.

B) Bounce Pass - insure accurate bounce pass to each other, bounce position must be in the middle and not on-top of each others feet. Insure bounce is received at chest height.

Calling and Communication are key.

Footwork and movement must be early.

Passing and Movement (20 min)Passing and MovementBasketball Drills Coaching

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